Masters Degree in STEM Helps Teachers Blossom

[Ed. note: The Geological Sciences Department at CCSU has two science education specialists, Dr. Marsha Bednarski and Dr. Jeffrey Thomas. They are both central to the program described below]

You only need to watch the evening news or leisurely peruse the internet to understand how important a basic understanding of Science, Technology/Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) is in today’s world. Our K-12 teachers play a vital role in educating the next generation in these important areas. But who helps the teachers reach their potential in terms of not only an understanding of the issues themselves, but the practical skills needed to effectively  teach them to others? We do!

The MS STEM Program at CCSU (developed and administered in collaboration with colleagues in the Technology & Engineering Education department) developed to bring together Science, Technology/Engineering, and Mathematics certified teachers from all grade levels to explore how to integrate the STEM disciplines in curriculum, instruction, and assessment for use in their classrooms. Begun in the fall of 2014, this innovative new program enables teachers to build on skills and knowledge they already have and create an exciting trans-disciplinary learning environment for their students.

This program  provides current teachers with the skills necessary to move away from the traditional way of teaching individual STEM subjects towards a more comprehensive way of addressing the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics disciplines in order to prepare students for 21st century college skills and career readiness. Our courses are aligned with National and CT state content standards and the Common Core Standards in Language Arts and Mathematics. Note that this is a program for those already certified to teach in Connecticut, so it does not by itself lead to CT state teacher certification or cross-endorsement.

If you or someone you know would benefit from this exciting new program, please contact me via phone (860-832-2943) or email ( More information is also available on our website ( I look forward to speaking with you.

-Marsha Bednarski


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