Meet the Rock Stars, Part 2: Dr. Alexa Tzanova


Name: Dr. Alexa Tzanova

Title: Adjunct faculty

Year Started at CCSU: 2015

Courses Taught: Dynamic Earth laboratory

Current research projects: I study past warm climates that can help us better understand and picture what our future world may look like. My current project focuses on reconstructing global sea surface temperatures around 8 Million years ago when many of our modern terrestrial ecosystems expanded or emerged for the first time. It is a multi-institution collaboration that also includes Dr. Tim Herbert and graduate student Chris Kelly at Brown University, RI, Dr. Kira Lawrence at Lafayette College, PA and Dr. Laura Peterson at Luther College, IA.

Favorite book:  Anything by Rex Stout.

Favorite film: Amélie – it reminds me to never place boundaries on imagination

Favorite scientific term:  coccolithophore – It may sound like a fancy chocolate dessert or a seasonal drink special, but it’s actually the term for miniature algae that live in the ocean. These tiny organisms help geologists reconstruct past marine environments and also date geological events.

Something my student’s don’t know about me: Some of my field work involves spending as much as 2 months at a time sailing on an oil-rig that’s been refitted as a science drilling ship (JOIDES Resolution); however, I happen to have no sea-legs whatsoever. I love sailing, but I get seasick every time.


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