Students Become Teachers in the Geological Sciences Department


[Ed. note: Samantha Corallo is currently a senior in the Geological Sciences Department]

Entering my last semester at Central Connecticut State University as an Earth Science Education major, I am currently student teaching ninth grade Integrated Earth and Physical Science classes. Student teaching is a time for personal growth and development to prepare me for a future career, but even before my student teaching experience I was given much preparation from the Geology, Astronomy, and Science Education professors at CCSU.

For the first four years at CCSU, I was an Earth Science major and undecided as to what I wanted to do after I graduated. I decided to take as many geology and astronomy courses as possible, and as a result had the opportunity to meet the amazing professors within the department. With each class I took, the professors displayed a dedication to the subject area as well as educating and providing opportunities for the students taking the courses. The opportunities included geology trips and amazing research projects, and each professor emphasized the importance of expanding our knowledge outside the classroom. When I switched to being an Earth Science Education major, the courses offered at CCSU more than prepared me for the content I would be teaching now. Dr. Jeffrey Thomas, a professor that teaches the science education courses for secondary education, has taught me how to apply the knowledge I have learned from the amazing geology and astronomy professors to the classroom.

When I switched from an Earth Science major to an Earth Science Education major, opportunities were still available to me.  Dr. Kristine Larsen gave me and three other students in the department the resources to carry out a research project that focused on education in the geosciences. Dr. Larsen is just one example of how the professors in the department go above and beyond for their students. The students in the department have so many professors with different interests in geology and astronomy, and depending on what the students’ interests are, opportunities are always available to them. We are very fortunate.

The professors care about their students, and it shows with their dedication to our learning. This has set a good example to me being a student teacher. I strive to let my students know that I care about them and their education the same way my professors have done for me. I want to thank all of the professors within the department for preparing me for student teaching. They truly care about the students in the science education program by teaching us the content knowledge, how to teach this knowledge, and how to expand this knowledge. They could not have prepared me more for student teaching.

— Samantha Corallo


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