Geologists Invade Baltimore!

[Dr. Jen Piatek masquerading as the Apollo Program at the opening reception]

After a long train ride, faculty and students from CCSU arrived in Baltimore, joining the thousands of “geologi” and practitioners of related fields converging on the unsuspecting city for the National Meeting of the Geological Society of America. Several of our group were already at the convention center, having arrived the day before in order to take advantage of short courses, seminars, and other educational experiences. After picking up our registration materials, the only official order of business was the opening reception. Attendees were encouraged to dress in Halloween costumes, and most of the CCSU crowd obliged. Students dressed as Olivine, Bedrock, Superman, Pikachu and Ash, Randy “Macho Man” Savage, and we even had two eerily realistic Wednesday Adams! Faculty were not about to be left out of the fun, with Dr. Piatek dressing as the Apollo Program and Dr. Larsen as water on Mars.

The high point of the reception was not the costumes, the refreshments, or even Young Frankenstein playing on the huge video screens, but rather being reunited with department alumni Shawn Mines, Amanda Delisle, and Keenan Golder. After the reception the five faculty in attendance went off to dinner (after a very long wait), and momentarily debated having a department meeting (since we had a quorum) but decided that this evening was about camaraderie and basking in the success of our students and alumni. If you are reading this blog, know that we are giddily proud of each and every one of you!

With Saturday drawing to a close, it was time to prepare for the conference in earnest – talks begin at 8 AM sharp on Sunday and posters need to be hung up as well.


— Kristine Larsen


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