CCSU Geology is Everywhere at GSA!


[Drs. Yinka Oyewumi and Jeff Thomas at their poster on preparing in-service teachers to successfully integrate the Next Generation Science Standards]

It’s three days into the National Meeting of the Geological Society of America in Baltimore, MD, and the faculty and students of the CCSU Geological Sciences Department have already accomplished more than enough to make any Blue Devil proud. Five of the seven full-time department faculty have presented their original research (with an additional faculty member fielding their first presentation of the conference today, and two faculty presenting additional work today and tomorrow). But it’s the students who have taken the Baltimore Convention Center by storm. Already five students have presented their work and gotten copious compliments from the international experts assembled here, and there are more presentations to go! “You’re just an undergraduate?” one geologist exclaims, then quickly offers a business card to one student as he eagerly expresses an interest in working with her in graduate school in the future. Other students also talk graduate school, one on one, with faculty from prestigious programs, or with representatives from industry. The common thread is that, while CCSU may not be a household name in the big wide world, once he or she meets one of our students at their poster presentation, or speaks with them about graduate school, professionals sit up and take notice. They are impressed with our intelligent, articulate students, the high quality and sophistication of their research, and recognize that we are providing our students with a superior academic preparation  and mentoring experience that will serve them well in their future endeavors, whether that be in graduate school or industry. So here’s to the students! Everyday you remind me why I am so singularly fortunate to be a faculty member in this department.

— Kristine Larsen


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