Two GSCI Majors Receive Prestigious Academic Awards

Kudos to two GSCI majors who received prestigious academic awards at the end of last semester!


The Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievement Program awards students in each of the four traditional academic areas. Students who are awarded this scholarship have the opportunity to present their research at the Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievement Day here at CCSU. They also have the opportunity to travel to the national URCAD conference in North Carolina. The winner from the School of Engineering, Science, and Technology is Emily Gajda (shown to the right). She writes “I am extremely thankful and honored that I was chosen for this scholarship. This gives me the opportunity to network and talk about my research outside of GSA and I am very excited to present it to the school as well as in North Carolina!”

The Connecticut Space Grant Consortium was designed to help support and encourage students to continue to peruse research and careers in aerospace and engineering sciences. There are many different types of scholarships, fellowships, and grants that students could apply for. Jessica Johnson (shown to the left) received the 2015 Connecticut Space Grant Consortium Undergraduate Scholarship for the maximum amount of $5000.00. The award is given to students who have above a 3.0 gpa, are full time students at a CT school, and have academic goals that are related to science in particular related to aerospace. Jessica explains that “My academic and career goals are to continue my education and obtain a PhD in planetary sciences. I want to study meteorites to help understand the evolution of the solar system.”



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