Meet the Rock Stars, Part 6: Ms. Carol Ivers

[Editor’s note: Carol is a proud alumna of the department, having received her BS here before earning an MS in Planetary Geology from the University of Massachusetts. Carol is also a high school teacher, an avid amateur astronomer, and is a past recipient of the Connecticut Earth Science Teacher of the Year award]


[Alpine climbing the ridge to Mt. Tupper near Rogers Pass in British Columbia. A drop off of ~2000 feet behind her and to her left kept her clinging tightly to that rock….]


Name: Carol B. Ivers

Title: Adjunct Professor

Year Started at CCSU: 1998

Courses Taught: The Cosmos, Earth Science, Physical Geology lab, Meteorology lab, Stellar and Galactic Astronomy lab, various others

Current research projects: Examining the geologic structure of Lac Manicouagan in Quebec

Favorite book: Where the Wild Things Are

Favorite film: The Fifth Element

Favorite scientific term: Stromatotoporoid

Something my students don’t know about me: I bicycled across the North American continent in the summer of 2015.


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