Meet the Rock Stars, Part 8: Dr. Marsha Bednarski


[Dr. Bednarski and friends in her office in Copernicus Hall]

Name: Marsha Bednarski

Title: Professor of Science Education

Year started at CCSU: 1998

Courses taught: Undergraduate and graduate courses in science education, including SCI 412: Elementary Science Methods, SCI 416: Technology in Science Education, SCI 417: Teaching Science in the Secondary School, SCI 420: History of Science, SCI 500: Science, Technology, and Society,  SCI 555: Teaching Science in the Elementary School,  SCI 595: Action Research,  SCI 598: Research in Science Education,  SCI 580: Topics in Science Education: Critters in the Classroom;  STEM 506: Problem Based Learning in STEM, STEM 520: STEM in the Physical Sciences, STEM 530: STEM in the Earth/Space Sciences, STEM 540: STEM in the Life Sciences

Current research projects: working with the new Next Generation Science Standards for implementation in the classroom.

Favorite book: The Thorn Birds

Favorite movie: City of Angels

Favorite Scientific Term : actually it is a phrase – “Science Never Sucks”

Something my students don’t know about me:  My students don’t know that I love scary movies.


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