Meet the Rock Stars, Part 9: Dr. Oluyinka Oyewumi


[Dr. Oyewumi poses with our university logo. Yinka is the newest full-time faculty member in our Department, and certainly the most enthusiastic!]

Name:  Dr. Yinka Oyewumi

Title:   Assistant Professor

Year Started at CCSU:  2013

Courses Taught:  Environmental Geology, Environmental Geology lab, Earth and Human Environment, Hydrogeology, Environmental Geochemistry, Field Method (co-taught with Drs. Wizevich and Evans), Soil Science (Fall 2016),  and Physical Geology (Fall 2016)

Current research projects: 1) Urban geochemistry of Lebanon, CT: Major and trace elements distribution in topsoil, 2) Heavy metals enrichment of stream sediments along Farmington River, Hartford County, CT

Favorite Book:  Bible

Favorite Movie: Mrs Doubtfire

Favorite Scientific Term: Residence time: average length of time an atom of a chemical species will reside in a reservoir.  It has a lot of significance in environmental geology, geochemistry and hydrogeology

Something my students don’t know about me:  I am an alumni of four different Universities



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