Student Receives Two Awards

[Melissa Luna being congratulated by Department Chair Dr. Mark Evans and being presented an AIPG National Undergraduate Scholarship from Professor Emeritus Dr. Charles Dimmick]

In a recent department ceremony, Melissa Luna received two prestigious awards for her excellence in and service to the field of Geology. First, Melissa received a National Undergraduate Scholarship from the American Institute of Professional Geologists (AIPG). The essay she wrote for the scholarship application will be published in an upcoming issue of The Professional Geologist. She wrote in part:

As a child, I have always wondered how the Earth came to be the dynamic planet that it is today. After countless visits to the Philippines, I was exposed to the effects of the Samar Earthquake as well as the aftermath of the Mount Pinatubo eruption, which gave rise to my love for geology. As I came to learn over the years, our society revolves around nature. We are constantly in demand for water, energy, and other resources that all depend on geology. By studying the true nature of our planet through both my academics and my travels, I have made it my goal to make a difference by inspiring others to join me in making our planet a more sustainable environment for generations to come.

Melissa has also served this past year as the President of CCSU’s Theta Zeta Chapter of Sigma Gamma Epsilon, the Earth Sciences Honor Society, and received the Tarr Award for her outstanding service to the organization.

Melissa will be attending graduate school at Wesleyan University this fall. As part of the Earth and Environmental Science Masters Program she will be studying cores from the Weddell Sea in Antarctica. Congratulations to an amazing young woman!


Graduates Have Big Plans for Masters Degrees


[Grad School-bound! Jessica Johnson, Melissa Luna, and Matt Costa]

Three recent and current graduates in the Geological Sciences Department have been accepted into graduate programs to pursue their dreams. Jessica Johnson has been accepted into the Planetary Sciences Masters program at the University of New Mexico, where she will study the petrology of meteorites and their relationship to the formation of the solar system. Melissa will be attending Wesleyan University. As part of the Earth and Environmental Science Masters Program she will be studying cores from the Weddell Sea in Antarctica. At the University of Texas – El Paso, Matthew Costa will be completing a Masters in Geology working on a project entitled “Using Cadmium and Zinc Isotope Tools to Understand Environmental Pathways of Heavy Metals Related to Disposal of Coal Combustion Products: A Continuing Research Collaboration”.

Congratulations to all our rising stars!

Seeing Double: Student Research Presented at Two Conferences

[Graduating senior Corwin Hoover and faculty mentor Dr. Kristine Larsen]

Who says you can’t be in two places at the same time? CCSU senior Corwin Hoover’s research on variable stars was presented simultaneously at two conferences on May 6, 2016. While Corwin, an Earth Science – Astronomy concentration major, was presenting his work at the CCSU Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Day, his faculty mentor, Dr. Kristine Larsen, was over a 1000 miles away, presenting Corwin’s research to the American Association of Variable Star Observers in St. Louis, MO. Corwin’s research was an investigation into the misclassification of members of a particular class of variable stars (stars that vary in brightness).

Congratulations to Corwin as he graduates from CCSU!