Future El Ed Teachers Make the Grade in Science With the Help of GSCI Faculty


One of the most important jobs of the Geological Sciences Department is to make sure that ALL students accepted into the Professional Program in Elementary Education at CCSU make the grade in terms of their preparation to teach science to the children of our state. With the recent adoption of NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards), this task is more important than ever. Shown above is a poster created by students in Dr. Bednarski’s SCI 412 (Elementary Science Methods) class explaining their work on forces and motion. They created an experiment to test out the various forces involved in playing billiards. They then tested their questions using chop sticks and ping pong balls. Next week they will be creating models of their investigations.


Are YOU Ready for the August 2017 Solar Eclipse?

[Partial phases from the 2006 Total Solar Eclipse in Egypt. Pictures by K. Larsen, using a proper solar filter]

Dubbed “The Great American Eclipse,” this amazing celestial event will be visible from Connecticut as a partial, not total, eclipse. This means that you need proper preparation to view it safely. CCSU astronomy professor Dr. Kristine Larsen is available to speak on this important topic at libraries, schools, and other public venues within 20 miles of CCSU between now and mid-August, free of charge, schedule permitting. Please send email to Larsen@ccsu.edu with the subject line “SOLAR ECLIPSE TALK.” At least two week’s notice is required for any talk. The venue needs to provide a projection screen and a projector that can be hooked up to a laptop (or equivalent facilities).