Future Geologists Meet Geology Students


[A future geologist looks inside a rock at the Meriden Gem and Mineral show]

On Saturday March 4th and Sunday March 5th 2016 we attended the Meriden Gem and Mineral Show at Maloney High School. We had a great turn out of people showing up to our table asking questions, looking through the microscopes, and talking to us about geology and Central’s geological sciences department, as well as what we as students do within the department. It was so much fun watching the kids look through the Petrographic microscope at the sample of Olivine and turn wide-eyed when we spun the microscope’s table to see the minerals change colors. There were even members of the Lapidary and Mineral Society that came over and discussed with us the minerals we were showing them through the microscopes. People were genuinely curious about what we had to say about our department, CCSU, and the information we had to say about our display. On Saturday we were approached by one of the vendors, Richard King from Trumbull, CT, who offered to donate a set of fossils to the Geological Sciences department. We were given trilobite fossils, plant impressions, a fish fossil, and a few minerals. Attending events such as this where we are sharing our knowledge with the public is always amazing and as a department and as a club I hope we can attend more.

— Sara Poppa, President, Geology and Planetary Sciences Club


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